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PRIMA Rates & Charges

Local Outgoing Call
Peak Rate
Monday to Friday (06:00:00 – 18:59:59)
Off Peak Rate
Monday to Friday (19:00:00 – 05:59:59)
Off Peak Rate
Saturday (00:00:00 – 05:59:59)
Weekend Rate
Saturday to Sunday (06:00:00 – 23:59:59)

Incoming Call
DSTCom from DSTCom Free
DSTCom from DSTCom (Roamer) Free
DSTCom from other local mobile operators Free
DSTCom from International Numbers Free
DSTCom (Roamer) Prevailing Local Rates + IDD

Short Message Services (SMS)
SMS to Local to DST Network / other Local Mobile Operator B$0.03

Data and Internet Access
Data and Internet Access(DST Network) B$0.01/200KB

*The local outgoing calls are charged based on 6 seconds block.

DST implemented “Fair Usage Policy (FUP)” Data Usage Limits to maintain the quality of mobile data service. This is to ensure all our subscribers have equal opportunity to enjoy DST network.