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We’ve made it easier to recharge, transfer credit, check your balance, and more, with our Easi shortcuts. Type *100# to display Main Menu. You may press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 to continue.

Menu Guide
To receive menu/display for.. Key in..
Call Back (Roaming Only) *101*Mobile Number#
Show Balance *102#
Recharge *103*12-digit PIN#
Last Call Details *104#
Credit Transfer *105*Mobile Number*Amount#
(Charge = B$0.50 per transaction)
Check Available Recharge Bonus *106#
Top-up any Easi line *107*Prepaid Number*12-digit PIN#
Credit Conversion
This feature is not available in the Easi Main Menu
Conversion B$1 = 1 day (Maximum: 300 days)

Getting Started FAQs

What is the difference between the existing 2G Easi Mobile service and 3G Easi Mobile service?

Service EASI 2G Mobile EASI 3G Mobile
Voice Yes Yes
Video No Yes
SMS Yes Yes
IDD/Roaming Yes Yes
Data Access Yes (GPRS/WAP) Yes (HSDPA)

What does the DST EASI 3G USSD menu do?

Descriptions Via USSD Menu
Call Back (for roaming
only) *101*Mobile no# and press
Show balance *102# and press send
Recharge *103*12 digit pin no# and
press send
Last call details *104# and press send
Credit transfer *105*Mobile no*000# and
press send
Show available Recharge
Bonus *106# and press send
Top up any Easi *107*Mobile / GO!broadband No.
*12digitpin# and press send
Credit Conversion *109# and press send
For the recharge, subscriber is only allowed up to 3 attempts. If exceeded, the line will barred and they will need to call DSTCare 151 for assistance.

How do I perform first activation on my Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack?

You can activate your Easi Sim Card by making the first call to any number.

How and where can I purchase the Easi Mobile Starter Pack and Recharge Cards?

You can purchase at :
Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack – At any DSTCom Counters Nationwide.
Easi Recharge Cards – At any DSTCom Counters and DSTCom authorized vendors.

As a regulatory Control in Brunei Darussalam, it is a mandatory requirement to register all circulated Prepaid numbers at point of purchase.

How do I register?

You can simply register at any DSTCom counters by filling in the “Easi Registration form” and bring along your original identification card (I.C) or passport. No registration fee will be charged.

What happens if I do not register my Easi 3G Mobile?

Once the line is activated and no registration has been made, a PUSH SMS will be sent to you. You will be given a grace period of 7 days to register. Otherwise by the 8th working day, the line will be blocked until you register your line.

What does the Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack contain and how much does one cost?

The Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack (Normal) retailed at $30, contains the following:

1 Prepaid SIM Card with $5 preloaded value
$25 Annual License Fee payable to His Majesty’s Government
Value Added Service eg (Prepaid Roaming, Internet browsing) CLI, IDD & SMS
1 Easi User Guide
PUK No (Pin Unblocked Code)
Pin No. (Personal Identification Number)
MSISDN (Mobile No)

EASI 2G to 3G Mobile FAQs

Can I upgrade my Easi 2G to Easi 3G SIM Card and how much does it cost?

Yes, you can upgrade your simcard from Easi 2G to Easi 3G Mobile at $10 admin fee.

What documentation do I need to bring to upgrade my SIM Card from Easi 2G to Easi 3G Mobile?

You need to bring your Identification Card or Passport (validity period must be more than 6 months).

What will happen to my credit balance, bonus credit, credit expiry date, annual license fee once I upgrade my SIM Card to Easi 3G Mobile, Will the profile stays as it is?

Yes, all your existing profile will still maintain as it is.

Can I downgrade from Easi 3G to Easi 2G?

Yes, but there will be an admin fee of $10 for downgrading.

EASI 2G to 3G Mobile FAQs

Can I migrate my Easi 2G to Prima 3G Mobile Line?

Yes, you can migrate your Easi 2G to a Prima 3G Mobile.

Once I migrate my Easi 2G to Prima 3G Mobile line, what happens to my remaining credit balance?

If your credit is more than $5 – it will be transferred to your Prima 3G Mobile account.
If your account is less than $5 – your credit balance will be forfeited.