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DST Mobile BroadBand

Prepaid Packages
Add On Data Package 200MB for 3 days 400MB for 6 days 1GB for 30 days 3GB for 30 days
Data Volume 200 MB 400 MB 1 GB 3 GB
Price $3 $5 $10 $20
Validity 3 days 6 days 30 days 30 days
  • Additional Information

  • Blackberry services (BIS and BES) are not included as part of the Add On Data packages.

  • Add On Data packages are for local data usage only.

  • All Add On Data packages purchases cannot be canceled and non-refundable.

Mobile Self Help Portal

How do I register to the Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal?

Registration can be done at ** or at your nearest DST counters. Self-registration can be by following the steps below:


Click ‘Register Here’ at the login page


In the Self Help Registration page, please enter your DST Mobile number, CAPTCHA verification code and preferred message language and press the Registration button.


Once submitted, you will be returned to the Login Page. A temporary password will be sent to your previously entered DST Mobile number via SMS. Then please enter your previously entered DST Mobile number, your temporary password at the login page.


Once you have logged in with your a temporary password, you will then be prompt to change the password immediately before proceeding. Additionally you will also be required to choose your security question and its answer.

How do I purchase the Add-On Data Package?


Register to DST Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help portal.


Click Purchase Add-On Data from the 4 available Tabs in the portal.


Select desired Add-On package available


Confirm purchase.

SMS and/or email notification will be sent to your mobile number (alternative mobile number) and/or email confirming your


What is the requirement to register to the Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal?

A valid DST number is required to register to Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal (SHP). However, if the registration is done over our DST branches, you are then required to complete our registration form.

Can I register to Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal with my GO!broadband mobile Number on my own?

No. We advise you to register your Go!broadband mobile number at the nearest DST branches. Our counter personnel will assist in your registration to Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal.

What can I do at Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal?

With Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal, you can: –

Monitor Current Add on Data Package Usage

  •  Subscribers can monitor their current Add-On Data package usage that they have purchased. Subscribers can also view the Start date and validity of Add-On package

 Configure Personal Notification

  •  Subscribers can select preferred language, set their alternative DST Mobile numbers, email address and change to receive their notification.

 Purchasing of Add-On Packages

  •  Subscribers can choose and purchase Add-On packages.

Personal Usage History

  • Subscribers can view the previous 12 months of historical Add On Data usage upon registration to DST MBB.
  • Additionally, subscribers can view their monthly data usage based on the internet activity classified as below;
Internet Activity Details
Facebook Facebook usage such as viewing Facebook page(s), status update and post, viewing pictures, streaming Facebook media content (audio and videos), uploading photos and videos, and Facebook chatting
Youtube Viewing Youtube page(s), streaming and downloading videos, and uploading video content
Instagram Viewing Instagram pages (include viewing photos), streaming videos, uploading photos and videos.
Twitter Viewing twitter page(s), twitting, uploading and viewing photos
Whatsapp Sending and receiving messages, upload media content (audio, photos and videos), downloading media content (audio, photos and videos).
Browsing General internet browsing such as surfing the internet, viewing webpages (not listed above), uploading and downloading documents to/from webpages.
P2P A short term for Peer to peer file-sharing application such as Bittorrent, Edonkey, Gnutella, Ares and etc
Others Other internet activity not classified as above such as Skype, online gaming, radio streaming, video streaming other than Youtube and etc.

Will my temporary password expire?

No, the temporary password assigned to you has no expiry date. However it will become obsolete once you have entered new password upon the completion of your registration.

Can I reset my password in the event where I have forgotten my password?

Yes, at login page to Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal, click the Forget Password button, enter your DST mobile number and answer the security question correctly. Your temporary password shall be sent via SMS or email.

If I forgot my security question and/or its answer, can I still reset my password?

Yes, you can call our DSTCare 151 to reset your password.

What can I do if I do not receive the temporary password?

If the temporary password is not received, subscribers can visit the nearest DST branches to re-register to Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal.

What can I do if my login account is locked after 4 failed repeated login tries?

Please visit the nearest DST branches to reset your password.

Can I set my alternative mobile number to other operator mobile number?

NO, only valid DST mobile number/line can be qualified as  an “alternative number” to receive SMS notifications from Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal.

What can I do if I do not receive any notification after purchasing an add-on data package?

Similarly, if notification is not received after purchasing Add-on data packages using the MBB Self Help Portal, subscribers can call the DST Call Center (151) or go to the nearest DST branches to confirm their purchase and registration.

What kind of notification that I can expect from Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal?

The main notifications that will/may be received from the Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal are:

• The temporary password during subscriber’s first registration.

• The temporary password requested after registration at one of our DST branches.

• The purchase confirmation of Add-On packages.

Add On Data Packages

What is a Add-On Data package?

Add-On Data packages are Data packages that serves as a supplement to your existing data plan/bundle. Add-On Data packages are available our Prima, Easi and GO!broadband subscribers For more information please visit

How can I purchase the Add-On Data package?

Add-On Data packages can be purchased at Alternatively you can purchase the Data Add-On packages with the assistance of our Customer Service personnel at DST branches.

How will I be charged on the Add-On Data package?

For PRIMA subscribers, Add-On Data packages purchases are charged to their monthly bill, while for EASI subscribers, the charges will be deducted from their available Easi credit.

What are the data chargers after I have fully utilized my Add-On Data package?

Data usages after full utilization or expiry of Add-On Data packages shall be charged on your current DST subscription balance.

Can I have two Add-On Data packages at the same time?

No, each subscriber (alternatively per DST mobile number) shall only be allowed to have only (1) one Data Add-On package at a time.

Can I cancel my Add-On Data package subscription after purchasing it?

No, you cannot cancel you’re Add-On Data package after purchase.

How does the Add-On Data package validity period works?

The validity period is measured/counted to the exact minutes of the predetermined validity period of each Add-On Data packages. For example, if the Add-On Data package is valid for 1 day (24 hours) and the time of the purchase is at 10:59 AM— then the Add On Data package will expire at 10: 59 AM the next day.

Will my Add-On Data package subscription be automatically renewed upon its expiry?

No, the Data Add On package subscription will not be automatically renewed upon its expiry.

Can I still use my Add-On Data package if my Easi credit balance becomes zero?

Yes, Add On Data package can still be utilized even though the Easi credit balance is zero.

Can I still use my add-on bundle if my Prima credit reaches its limits?

Yes, Add On Data package can still be used even after your Prima subscription has reach its credit limits.

What will happen to my Add-On Data package, if my postpaid mobile number is being barred?

In the event where your postpaid mobile number is barred, you would not be able to use your Add-On Data package until your mobile number is unbarred. Please note that the validity of your Data Add-On package shall still remain the same.

How can I check the balance of my Add-On Data package?

You can check your Add On Data package balance at Mobile Broadband (MBB) the Self-Help Portal. Alternatively you can call our Call Centre (151) to check the balance of your Data Add-On package.

Will I be notified when my Add-On Data package is fully utilized?

Yes, you will be notified through SMS once your Data Add-On package is 80% utilized and once again when it is fully utilized. However, notification will not be sent upon the expiration of your Data Add-On package. Please note that these SMS notification will be sent to your number registered to Mobile Broadband (MBB) Self Help Portal.