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Prepaid GO!broadband Recharge Cards

There are five (5) denominations available for Prepaid GO!broadband© recharge cards.

Recharge Cards

Denominations Validity Bonus
EASI $5 7 days $0.80
EASI $10 15 days $2
EASI $20 35 days $5
EASI $40 75 days $12
EASI $100 300 days $32

Upon Top-up to a GO!broadband© SIM Card, the value of the recharge card and the bonus are applicable for Data usage only. The bonus is valid for 30 days from the day of the last recharge performed. Recharge cards must be purchased and used before the expiry date indicated at the back of the cards.

You can top up your GO!broadband© account by using any Easi Mobile number by typing:

Click SEND

Prepaid GO! Broadband Data Charges

Prepaid GO!broadband is charged on a pay per use basis, at $0.01/200KB.