DST’s “Year of Giving” Meaningful with “Ihsan Kasih Ramadhan” 2015

DST HEADQUARTERS, TUNGKU LINK (20/06/2015) –  At DST Headquarters’s multipurpose hall, green and blue vibrant woven bags can be seen neatly packed and placed side by side, printed with the DST 20 Years Anniversary Logo themed “Year of Giving” and even more prominent, the words printed DST “Ihsan Kasih Ramadhan” which is DST’s annual flagship charity drive. The drive commenced last Monday 15th June 2015.

With both themes combined, DST’s 8th consecutive annual charity drive observes to be more meaningful this year, illustrating not only DST’s continuous compassion to give back to society during the holy month, but in its efforts to look closely into the lives and stories of those less fortunate and to provide further aid as part of a long-term initiative.

“This year we have increased from 100 recipients to 120 recipients, providing aid to many of our previous recipients and also including new recipients who have been recommended by the relevant agencies such as the Community Development Center (JAPEM), various recommendations from DST staff as well members of the public through social media channels” in a statement made by Elixsurian Hj Busu, Manager of Group Corporate Communications who oversees the annual project.

More than 800 bags were packed ready to be distributed to over 120 less fortunate households. Just days before the first journey, over 100 DST staff and volunteers spent a productive afternoon to pack more than 40 types of groceries from rice, sugar, oil canned goods, spices, toiletries and even diapers and formula milk for households with young children and babies. An abundance of personal donations collected from staff were also included into the bags from textiles, footwear and bedding.

By Monday 15th June, over 40 staff with more than 10 vehicles ventured to Ulu Belait including Sukang, Melilas, Kukub Buau, Labi, Merangking and Bukit Sawat. The next day, more volunteer staff ventured to Ulu Tutong including Benutan, Kuala Ungar, Supon, Buit Sulang, Rambai and Long Mayan.

Elixsurian also describes the recent feedback and consensus about “Ihsan Kasih”, “The beauty of Ihsan Kasih and charity in general is that it doesn’t matter who everyone involved is, what their background status is or what level they are at work: every effort is done together. One example was the concensus by the teams to venture almost an hour, about 3 kilometers, into the woods of Kukub Buau of Ulu Belait to reach a destitute family who do not receive aid and are dependent on primary resources around them. Even though the teams reached our Headquarters late into the night, the mutual feeling of successfully reaching the recipients to find ways in which DST can make a difference is the most important thing to bring home.”

So far, more than 20 houses have received DST’s contributions and donations, with 7 more destinations to commence again this Tuesday 23rd June to reach families from the Temburong District, Brunei-Muara District and in the 3rd week of Ramadhan/early July the final trips to the Sub-Towns of Belait and Tutong District.