Amidst the pantheon of respectable organizations that strive to bring society with them as they elevate their existence to new heights, is Data Stream Technology (DST) of Brunei Darussalam. As one of Brunei Darussalam’s leading local private enterprises, DST is synonymous with excellence in all forms of technology incorporated in all areas of the daily lives of individuals nationwide. From cellular data, mobile and home broadband services, multimedia entertainment, digital broadcast Television and radio, and system integration expertise, for over 19 years DST has served the country of more than 400,000 people with increasing efficiency.

DST does not just intend to exist as a technology company, its purpose model is to become a global champion for Brunei Darussalam. DST is proactive in shaping Brunei’s global impression and embarks on programs of Corporate Social Responsibility.

DST’s has two flagship corporate social responsibility programs, Future Series”, an initiative to creat platforms to nurture promising Brunei ICT companies through investing in the companies to generate business opportunities,  aimed to drive innovation and creativity in Brunei.  DST also has a community program, “Ihsan Kasih” aimed to gather DSTians for voluntary work and to do beautiful things out of love, to help the less fortunate Bruneian, orphans and special needs community.

Aside from these flagship CSR programs, DST extends its support to the community through education, safety, football and sponsorship of community initiatives.

Our support to the community and development of Brunei Darussalam is our commitment.